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Why 2 Wedding Videographers?

Just a few reasons why we use two experienced and talented Wedding Videographers to record your wedding day ...

We have studied cinematography and employ some of the same techniques that Hollywood producers use to produce dramatic results. We use 2 videographers and 3 cameras to capture the multiple aspects of your day and create results with a Film and Television look and feel. Our two videographers working together capture it all . . . action and reaction, all aspects of any given moment, major events and things you never knew happened.

Our Coverage begins with the Pre-Ceremony activities of both the bride and the groom as you and your wedding party prepare for the big day. Moments otherwise missed, you will both see how the other felt and what they experienced in those exciting minutes before the ceremony.

Ceremony Coverage utilizing multiple cameras and sound systems ensures you will enjoy the ceremony from your perspective and your guests. You will see the grandeur of the setting, the beauty of the many details and relive the intimacy of the moment. As you make the most important vow of your life we will see and hear each word and expression. Two videographers can show the bride coming down the aisle and her groom’s reaction at that same moment; both of your faces during the vows, not just one or just your profiles. The examples are too numerous to mention.

Reception Coverage. From your triumphant entrance at the reception throughout all of the events; the dancing, cake cutting, bouquet and garter, 2 cameras will ensure you see not just yourselves as you go through the day but also the actions and reactions of all those who were there to share it with you. You will relive your day as you experienced it the first time and enjoy moments you never knew took place.

Two videographers can be less obtrusive than one. If your father stands up and gives a toast in the middle of the room and turns from side to side to address both sides of the room, a single videographer has to keep moving back and forth in front of him or settle for the back of his head for half of the toast. The results are either boring or obtrusive. If 2 videographers are shooting from opposing sides of the room; when your father turns away from one camera he turns into the other, meanwhile the first camera continues shooting the audience reaction. The results are professional looking, entertaining and achieved with no movement of any cameraperson, all eyes remain focused on your father, not the frantic videographer who keeps struggling to stay in front of him.

The benefits are endless and the results are spectacular.
The difference between two videographers shooting and one is not twice as good...
It is many times better than a single camera production...see our work and you will see why.

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